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If you were long confused by how to invest
You Need this 1hr Course
If you were long confused by how to invest
You Need this 1hr Course
🛑 Are you tired to search for the right broker?

🛑 Are you scared that it will be too complex?

🛑 Have you already tried to invest but the transactional fees were too high?

🛑 Do you want to buy expensive stocks like Amazon, Tesla Google, etc., but don't know how to approach them because they are out of your league?

🛑 Are you confused by complex terms and all the information out there makes you even more confused?

🛑 Are you worried you will have to spend too much time on it?

🛑 You think it is way too risky for you?


It is so much easier and safer than you think...
It is so much easier and safer than you think...
You can buy small amounts of low risk stocks and see them grow over time. Getting dividends while doing nothings!
You don't need to worry about checking how market performs

You will use the techniques which will allow you to invest and forget

You will have all the right tools to start investing. No more confusion!
You don't need to worry about checking how market performs

You will use the techniques which will allow you to invest and forget

You will have all the right tools to start investing. No more confusion!
How Stock Investing Helped Me To Buy a 2nd Property
How Stock Investing Helped Me To Buy a 2nd Property
Read my journey towards stock investing to understand how much time and effort you will save by following this course
Here is my story of how and why I became a stock investor without having loads of money. I now invest small amounts of money every month slowly but surely growing my portfolio.

In 2011 I got super lucky. Being a girl from nowhere, growing up with a single mom who struggled to feed us, I got a job in Google in windy and Guinnessy Ireland and…hallelujah!…they gave me 19 shares as a part of the salary package. Back then they were worth 240 EUR or sth like that, so 4000 EUR in total. But you know what? I just forgot about them.

Years were passing by …I was trying to find the love of my life and figure out who I am. Once that happened, I found myself in “sunny” Belgium. That was 5 years later. I’ve got a job in a marketing agency in a fancy Antwerp and decided to check how much the property market was there..cause in Ireland it was insane! Even with my fat Google salary and bonuses I could not afford a proper 1BD apartment. So I checked. And OMG! It was possible to buy a dwelling!

The Struggle

However, I didn’t have any savings…shacks! Wait…I remotely recalled that I have Google shares. Wait wait wait, how much do I have now? I am checking my Morgan Stanely account and my eyes are widening: 22,000 juicy beautiful EUR! From 4K to 22K in 5 years! Niiiicccce!
I sell the shares (luckily they were vested/taxed when they were issued to me by Google), I put downpayment and VOILA … I get a beautiful 2BD apartment right in the center of Antwerp.

That’s the moment when my belief in stock investing found a true fan supporter. I started searching for the ways to invest on my own ….


…it turned out more complicated than I thought. Morgan Stanley was not an option, it was a corporate solution. I checked other brokers but just couldn’t find anything that would not make me ultimately confused about how to do it and how much to pay for all the confusing fees.

I spend the next 2 years trying to find the right broker. I’ve been to each bank in my area, subscribed to all possible independent platforms just to get SUPER FRUSTRATED! The banks were offering their own rigid portfolios, the platforms made it so confusing online that it was impossible for a dummy like me to invest easily.

The Wall

I almost gave up, cause I’ve also been to every investing group and asked WHERE THE HELL I CAN FIND AN EASY TO USE PLATFORM WITHOUT MASSIVE FEES…the silence of lambs on the other side…frustrating…I also wanted to find a platform that makes it possible to buy fractional shares: so instead of paying a whopping 2K for Amazon share, you’d be able to buy only, say, 1% of that share. How cool would it be, right? But there was nothing like this in sight…

Then, as if by chance, something amazing has happened…

…When I started working on upgrading my money mindset, the platform hit my face like in the most beautiful fairytale with a happy ending!

The Epiphany

Because I was working on my money mindset and law of attraction, I knew that that platform has appeared right in front of my face not by chance. That’s why I’ve subscribed immediately to it and guess what! Unlike with other platforms, I didn’t have to wait for half a year for them to decide whether they can bless me with their approval. My application got approved literally within 1 day and I bought my 1st share the same day…and it was a fractional share…BOOOM!

Suddenly, everything changed for me and I was able to invest every day as low as 1 euro...well, usually I go for 10 EUR +So, when I feel like shopping for useless stuff, I go to the platform and I get some stocks instead…I am investing into my bright future and you should to!

Luckily enough I already knew how to invest because while I was searching for a good platform, I was also educating myself on stock investing. So, during the 1st year my portfolio grew 32%! And then the COVID happened…

…the portfolio went down, of course, but this doesn’t scare a seasoned investor an inch! Seasoned investors were waiting for such a drop to invest…so, I was prepared for that. Instead of selling my stocks in panic, I started buying stocks and I keep on buying.
What’s the trick?

“When you invest long term, you don’t care if the market crashes…in the long term, it will go up at one point … and that’s what happened to my portfolio…I brought it to new heights.” 

The Transformation

Finally, I have become the investor I wanted to be since I got my property in Antwerp which I now rent, btw and get additional income into my pocket. I am so happy I am contributing into my FREEDOM which is my core value.

And since I’ve generated all this knowledge and I know how easy it is to invest I decided to make it available to you … making my knowledge and tools available to as many people as I could, to help as many people as I could.

I’ve created an actionable mini-course which will enable you to invest already this week from as low as 1 EUR
Anna Boroshok
Hey, my aspiring investor!

I am a founder of Fearless Female Founders Community which educates women how to make a shift from corporate world to entrepreneurship and become financially FREE. 

Hence, this course mini course which will give you everything you need to start investing already this week.

4 years ago stock investing helped me to buy my 2nd property and I thought "WHY WE-WOMEN DON'T INVEST?! I NEED TO SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE TO GIVE WOMEN THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR BOOSTING THEIR WELATH". So Here I come!
Imagine how your life will be when you see your fortune growing with minimum efforts?
✅ You will be able to buy stocks easily whenever you can. No need to observe what is happening on the market and be worried. Invest and forget!

✅ You will feel calm and secure knowing that your money are in good place and growing to give you a wealthy retirement.

✅ You will be able to educate your children to invest early in age, so by the time of 30 they can already retire. 

✅ How cool will it be to tell your friends and acquaintances: Yes, I invest in stocks!
No more confusion about stocks, where to buy them and how to buy them!
No more confusion about stocks, where to buy them and how to buy them!
Now It is time to Stop Reading and Start....
6 short, clear, actionable MODULES and loads of bonuses!
Enroll now and get these bonuses now!
Enroll now and get these bonuses now!
Make A Difference With Socially Responsible Investments
23 pages guide which will help you to make right choices and invests in stocks which are socially responsible
e-Guide - How to Invest Like Warren Buffet
Learn to invest how one of the most prominent and successful stock investors
List of 24 Best Books on Stock Investing
I have selected for you top 24 best books in stock investing and money mindset so you could become a pro investor
Wealth Generating Affirmations
Open up your mind to more wealth with these impactful wealth generating afirmations!
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  •  A list of 24 best books on stock investing (€50 Value)
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